I fight prostate cancer using MRI, more specifically:

1. Early detection of aggressive prostate cancer with multiparametric-MRI.

2. Introduce PSA-MRI Prostate Cancer screening.

3. Localising 2 mm small nodal metastases with nano- (ferumoxtran-10) MRI.

4. Explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence to detect prostate cancer and nodal metastasis.


See for Prostaat MRI (in Dutch): 


"NEWS": Honorary Membership JRS

In April 2019 the Japanese Radiological Society awarded me Honorary Membership. I am very grateful for my Japanese colleagues and friends.

I am honored to be appointed as 'Imaging Editor' of European Urology @EUplatinum @uroweb

Combidex-MRI detects small nodal metastases, and improves treatment

This video show the experience of 2 patients with prostate cancer and Combidex MRI

PI-RADS v2.1 paper (for download below)

PI-RADS v2.1

Full PI-RADS v2.1 paper by ACR PI-RADS Steering Committee


'4M' Study

4M Study: Prospective, multicenter, powered, comparative effectiveness study included 626 biopsy-naïve patients.

Drost et al 2019 Cochrane Review Prostate MRI

256 pages document: "A MUST for all of us who deal with Prostate Cancer!"

PI-RADS v2.1

ACR Steering Committee PI-RADS v2.1

PI-RADS v2 Update and Future Directions

PI-RADS Implementation Editorial


Synopsis PI-RADS v2

Ferrotran nano-MRI movie

This video shows the working mechanism of Ferrotran for nano-MRI