ESUR prostate MR guidelines 2012

This paper describes PI-RADS v1

NEJM prostate cancer MR lymph-node contrast

First paper, that describes the potential of Combidex to recognise small nodal metastases.

Updates on these papers


Full PIRADS v2 paper.

PI-RADS v2.1

PI-RADS v2.1

Combidex MRI in Prostate Cancer

MRI with a lymph-node-specific contrast agent as an
alternative to CT scan and lymph-node dissection in patients
with prostate cancer: a prospective multicohort study.

Papers on mpMRI

Radiology MRI-pathway

Radiology Padhani et al MRI-pathway

Drost et al-2019-Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

Cochrane Review on MRI Pathway in detecting significant PCa


"4M Study" van der Leest et al. mpMRI vs TRUGB

bp-MRI Eur Urol 2019

"4M Study" van der Leest et al. Fast non-contrast bpMRI

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