PI-RADS v2.1 for Soteria Webinar

Free webinar "Defining the value of MRI robotic prostate biopsy" with prof. Jelle Barentsz, PhD and Artūras Čiuvašovas, PhD, who shared their experience of focal prostate biopsy in MRI control. Please share the webinar with your colleagues who may find it relevant!

PI-RADS v2, PI-RADS v2.1; PI-RADS v3

ESUR-Prostate MRI Course Lille 2018:
PI-RADS v2, PI-RADS v 2.1 and my personal ideas on PI-RADS v3

Early diagnosis of significant Prostate cancer: How good is mpMRI?

Early diagnosis of significant prostate cancer - how good is mpMRI? Presented at ICIS 2017

PI-RADS v2 (2016)

PI-RADS v2 (2016)